Nuova Pianta

Nuova Pianta di Roma in Prospettiva

Vasi Pianta Grande
Nuova Pianta di Roma in Prospettiva, Giussepi Vasi, 1781
Courtesy of the Getty Research Institute.

The Nuova Pianta by Vasi was published 18 years after the Itinerario and follows an earlier, smaller version, the Nuova Pianta di Roma (piccola) which was first published in 1770. Evidently, the later map was conceived as a companion for the Itinerario and although the numbered sites do not correspond to the text in the Itinerario, they do traverse the city in a similar manner. The map itself is modeled after Falda's 1676 Pianta di Roma which shows the city as a plan projection view with the traditional east orientation (i.e., east is at the top of the page). The matrici (copper plates) of Falda's map were subsequently revised on four different occassions, the last of which was authored by Giusseppe Vasi in 1781. The archive in the Biblioteca Nazionale, Rome contains a number of these revisions including Vasi's.

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