132.   Convento dei PP. Cappuccini        

  1. Chiesa dei medesimi PP. Cappuccini
  2. Chiesa di S. Isidoro dei PP. Minori Osservanti
  3. Strada che porta alla Chiesa di S. Basilio e di S. Niccolo da Tolentino
    Piazza di Cappuccino
  3. Piedestallo della Croce dirimpetto alla Chiesa de PP Capuccini

Piazza dei Cappuccini in the foreground was an extension of Piazza Barberini, Plate 36, whose great Palazzo Barberini (NN 215) dominates that view. Cardinal Antonio Barberini, brother of Urban VIII Barberini (1623-1644) built the church and monastery of the Santissima Concezione (1) for the Cappuchin order in the decade following 1626. This completed a Barberini neighborhood consisting of the Palazzo, the two piazze and new streets which incorporated residences that faced the church. The narrow street left of center leads to the Irish Franciscan church of S. Isidoro (2), whose facade was completed in the early 18th century. In 1890 when Via Veneto was cut through (visible in the satellite image), it absorbed the Piazza dei Capuccini and caused the demolition of the church's double stair as well as the building with the clock tower. Today the cross in the right hand corner has disappeared but late 19th century photos show the cross still standing, the base of which can also be seen in the nearby view of Piazza Barberini, Plate 36 mentioned above.

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