James Tice, Principal Investigator
    Erik Steiner, Developer and Designer
    Allan Ceen, PhD, Urban Consultant (Studium Urbis, Roma)

    Dennis Beyer, Graduate Research Fellow
    Ben Humphrey, Database Programmer
    Cathy Kubacke, Digital Restoration Specialist


    Jacob Bartruff, InfoGraphics Lab

Student Assistants
    Amanda Rhodes
    Victoria Stephens
    Aisha McDonough

Institutional Support
    Getty Foundation
          Joan Weinstein, Associate Director
          Christina Olsen, Program Officer
    Getty Research Institute
          Wim de Wit, Special Collections and Visual Resources
          John Kiffee, Assistant Technical Services
    University of Oregon
          InfoGraphics Lab, Department of Geography
          School of Architecture & Allied Arts, Department of Architecture
    Brown University
          Evelyn Lincoln
          Patrick Yott

Individual Support
    Vincent Buonanno
    John Reynolds, Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon

General Support
    Virginia Cartwright, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Oregon
    Jim Meacham, Director, InfoGraphics Lab, University of Oregon
    Ken Kato, Assistant Director, InfoGraphics Lab, University of Oregon
    Robert Melnick, Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon

Previous Research Support
    Northwest Academic Computing Consortium
    Board of Visitors, School of Architecture & Allied Arts, University of Oregon
    Office of Academic Affairs, University of Oregon

All photographs by James Tice.
All textual notes for the Magnificenze images by Allan Ceen.

Jim Tice, Erik Steiner, Allan Ceen, and Dennis Beyer
Department of Architecture and InfoGraphics Lab, Department of Geography, University of Oregon
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